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McGuire Retreat

This is a small, weekend retreat located along Lake Fontana. Placed on a steep, rocky site, the home is designed to minimally interfere with the surrounding environment. As a part of this theme, a structural concept was devised to provide support of the home off of an existing boulder outcropping. Its modern compact shape (1,400 square feet total) places emphasis on viewing the surroundings and receiving natural light. It provides living, dining and kitchen spaces, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, cantilevered balconies, and storage for outdoor recreational equipment.

Honors | Awards | Publications:

  • Feature episode on HGTV's television show Extreme Building

Date: 2000

Location: Bryson City, NC

Category: Housing Design

Project Tags: Private, Single Family Residential, Design for Steep Slopes, Modern Design

McGuire Retreat Floor Plan

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